Snarky sundry?

5 Apr

Some of you may be wondering whaddup with the weird name. A sundry is an assortment of things and we figured it was the best way to describe what this blog is. It also kinda reminds me of sundried tomatoes… And snarky cause..we’re not sure how else to describe ourselves. In the past few months Becca and I became tight while we bonded over our love of food, so we thought it might be fun to impart that love on you all. We’ll try to post as often as possible and include recipes. I’ll also be posting various songs that I’m into – some new, some diamonds in the rough, some oldies, all awesome.

Well mother nature is certainly playing into the “April showers bring May flowers” cliché, so I’m using the gloomy weather to rationalize me baking this:

Yes, it is indeed what you think it is. Chocolate chip cookies baked into brownies.

They’re really easy, just take a chocolate chip cookie mix and a brownie mix (shout out to Betty Crocker). Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Make the brownie batter and pour it into a 13×9 pan. Make the cookie dough, and put it in 1-inch balls in the brownie batter (make sure you press them down into the batter). Bake for 35-40 minutes, let stand for an hour (while you drool), and bon appetit!

So while I was baking, I was obviously jammin as well. I’m really into Ground Up right now, so here’s a song of their new mixtape, Up Late:

And another from their older mixtape, Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes (give it a sec, it’s odd at first):

I have a confession, I have a girl crush on Nicki Minaj. I said it. So my friend (hi emkrem) and I saw her last weekend with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Millz, and DJ Khaled. Ghetto, yes, but also really frickin’ great. This is one of my favs by her:

Alright, one last one for the night. On a TOTALLY different note, I love Vampire Weekend, and this song came on in the car on my drive to school today and it’s been stuck in my head ever since:

Ok, time to eat some real food for dinner. Enjoy!



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