It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

7 Apr

I feel like that quote could pretty much sum up junior year. We all whine about the stress of this year, and I hate to contribute to it, but it truly is awful. Between ACTs, the IB program, and trying to cram in every extracurricular activity possible to pad my resume, sleep and a social life have become optional. But in retrospect, junior year has been a period of personal growth and beneficial new experiences for us all. If you can’t find anything else that’s been positive about this year, at least appreciate that. Given, the hoards of work I have this week and an upcoming IB Chemistry exam in May – that decides the fate of my diploma, might I add – I haven’t had much time for cooking/baking. I ended up eating leftover meatloaf at 10pm last night after ballet class. And then I forgot to pack breakfast for school today and lunch isn’t for another half hour. Wow, my life really does revolve around food.

I got into The Roots early on in sophomore year, and their music really spoke to me. I love that they aren’t like most rap groups, and have a real beat behind some deep lyrics. They definitely have that Philly soul sound. I went to this ballet exposition a few summers ago, and heard this song by Joanna Newsom:

Then when The Roots’ new CD, How I Got Over, came out, I heard this one, and had a fantastic moment of déja vu:

And for another Philly artist.. I love this song by Tayyib Ali:

I couldn’t agree more with Tayyib on this one, I would really love to be a kid again. As great as it is being independent and having the benefits of being older, I don’t think I’m ready to go off to college in a year and a half.

I should get to work on the three pages of Spanish work that I have to finish in the next few minutes, but I can’t stop thinking about the omelet that I’m getting for lunch. om nomnomnom….

Have a great Thursday y’all!



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