About Sav and Becca

Hi everyone!

I’m Savanna Williams – I’ll let you call me Sav – and I’m a junior from the lovely suburbs of Philly. There are so many things that I could say about myself, but I’ll keep it short. Basically, I’m a smart blonde with a lot of thoughts. And snarky to say the least – some say cynical and even condescending at times, but I like to think I’m humorous and it makes me who I am. I play golf, do ballet, and someone once told me I dress like I stepped out of a JCrew catalog. Someone else once told me I’m “fiercely loyal to my friends.” When, and if, I go to Vandy  (cross your fingers for me), I plan on studying psychology, because I like to understand what makes people tick. And when I graduate I plan to start the sleepless trek on my way to becoming a surgeon. So that’s my life story in a nutshell, but if you want to know why I’m thinking of a new way to procrastinate on my homework, I have a thing for food – though I’m not a fantastic cook – and what goes better with good food than good music?

and I’m Rebecca Jacobs, also known as Becca. I’m a junior as well from the same area. I row for my school during the fall and spring. I tend to be a little blunt but that’s just how I do things. I love to bake (well cooking in general) and its become a bit of an obsession an unhealthy one.  I bake about once a week using recipes I find online or from my moms old Betty Crocker cook book. My friends all know its going to be a good day at school when a picture of my most recent baking adventure comes up online. I bring almost everything I bake into either school or to the crew team. I’m more likely to ask for sugar and butter money than gas money.  I have no idea what my future holds but it should be sweet ( get it because we’re talking about baking). Fun fact I also make a lot of really bad jokes. I may add more to this later because Sav is becoming impatient but for now this is me!


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